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Our history

Arrived on Marbella in October 2018. My passion for selling and serving others has always been part of me. Indeed, business has been part of my life for almost 15 years. I have tasted the passion of real estate long before my arrival and it is a choice that I do not regret. Participating in a family’s life project is very rewarding and at the same time very exciting. Meetings are the most interesting part of our profession. We also make it a point of honor to accompany you throughout the entire process of purchase and post sale.


Our values


We respect the budget of each client.


You will never be pressured to absolutely sign something before you leave.


We do everything we can to ensure that your project arrives successfully.

Our added value

Most clients arrive in unfamiliar territory. Before selling a product, we sell a location, a unique region:Andalusia.

We accompany you in your banking and legal procedures. We help you to feel as comfortable as possible with an unfamiliar language. We are really at your side to build your project.

Your referral is our best satisfaction.

Frequently asked questions

For new buildings, we are talking about a 10% VAT rate. On the second hands, we are talking about 7% of ITP
(Impuestos sobre Transacciones entre Particulares). Lawyers’ fees (1%), notary fees
(1.5%) and registration fees (0.5%) are identical in both cases.
Consider a 3% difference between new and used.

Up to one million euros we are under 1% of inheritance tax in line
direct. There is no double taxation for France. On the other hand, Belgium has adopted
a different regime.

Indeed, Spanish banks lend up to 70% excluding fees for
the acquisition of a property concerning European nationals. Non-Europeans will have the
possibility of borrowing with a lower percentage.
EXAMPLE: property has 300.000 euros. Possible loan 210.000 euros. Fees plus the 30% fee
are not funded.


The 3 most frequent questions from retirees.